Monday, June 13, 2011

Pet of the Week!!!

This week we have 2 female border collies ready for adoption! They are both black and white with a little brown in the mix.  Both are around 10 months and are adorable! They are kind and full of fun; the collie that is more white is calmer than the one with more black. 
We also still have kittens for adoption and many adult cats! We have an adult female cat named Molly ready.  Molly is spayed and LOVES children. 
If interested in any of these pets or wondering what more we have please contact the Summit County Animal Shelter at 435-615-3985 or visit us at 1745 S Hoytsville Rd in Wanship.  Please find us on Facebook under Summit County Animal Shelter   Thanks!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pet of the Week!!!!

This week Tiberius is up for adoption!!! He is a bull dog mix and is neutered.  Tiberius is friendly with other dogs and people.  He is great on a leash and wonderful to love on! If interested he is #18321.
We also have kittens!! Currently we have about 18 kittens who are looking for homes!  We also have Puss a great little mouser; she is 4 years old (#18452).  If you are looking for a young cat but do not want a kitten we have little 6 month old Harley #18339. 
If interested please contact the Summit County Animal Shelter at 435-615-3985, stop by at 1745 S Hoytsville Rd in Wanship, or find us on facebook under Summit County Animal Shelter    thanks!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hooooooraaaaay! Tucker was adopted today to a wonderfuly nice man. Hope everything goes well for you little man!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Kittens are here! If interested please drop by or call us at 435-615-3985!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The amazing...Doug!!!! finding a home

Welcome our newest friend Doug!! He is 6 months old and neutered.  Such a fun little guy, come try him out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pet of the week!

 Molly is a five year old adorable love bug! She is full of energy and is a great cuddler!!!  Molly is spayed and friendly with children.  She makes a great family cat!  Molly is black white with a cute pink nose and is number 18346 at our shelter. 
We also have Bosie availlable (#18372)! He is a 9 year old cocker spaniel looking for a forever home. If a smaller dog is what you are looking for we have two duachsunds named Sherlock and Watson for adoption.  They are both friendly and are numbers 18417, 18418.  If you are looking for a young hunting buddy we have an eleven month old black lab named Saddie (#18367).  She is an obedient and kind dog who wants to play and run!
If you are interested in any of these animals or wish to visit the shelter to look at our other friends please call, drop by, email, or post on our facebook, thanks!!
1745 s Hoytsville Rd, Wanship
facebook: Summit County Animal Shelter

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sadie, good girl in need of home!

Sadie is our new friend trying to find a good home.  She is a 11 month olf lab/border collie mix that is bursting with energy.  Sadie is good with kids and other dogs.  She is kind and will lay by your feet when it's down time.  Come visit this sweet girl!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you are ever interested in a pet please call Summit County Animal Shelter at 435-615-3985 or 435-659-6240
We are also open Monday to Friday 830-5
Or comment on our blog at
Or on Summit County Animal Shelter's Facebook
OR you can email at


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Our little Dottie was adopted today by a lovely family.  Hope you have fun running around on a farm lil girl!

Yogi needs home

Yogi is a sweet girl! She loves to roll around and give you all the love in the world! She is a 3 year old, spayed, loves kids, and is adorable!!! Please help us find her a home!

Shera for adoption

Shera is a 4 year old pyr.  She is spayed, loves kids, and LOVES to play! She is a lovely dog who needs a new home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pet of the week!

Andie is a fun loving 3 year old aussie.  Andie is a great herder, loves kids, and prefers to be outside!  This love bug is available for adoption and is number 18320. 
Along with Anide we have a few more pups available for adoption! We have Daze the cuddle loving female shepard (#18294), Booties the female pitbull that adores children (#18248), and a grey and white cat named Sarg who just wants a good house to play around in (#18252). 
If you are interested in any of these animals or the many other we have available please call us at 435-615-3965, drop by at 1745 S Hoytsville Rd in Wanship, comment on our Facebook under Summit County Animal Shelter, or email us at

Friday, April 29, 2011


Congrats Riker and Jake for going on trail weekends I hope its goes wonderful!!!!

Lil Ann

Ann is a 1-2 year old Boxer mix.  She is a love bug and loves to cuddle.  She is thin and in need of a loving family so please come say hi to think little girl!

Hey Everybody!!!

Hello there! We are so excited to see all the supporters on Facebook and hope to see even more! We would love to hear some feed back about our ads, site, and the animals.  Thanks for everything and we are thrilled to see your faces at the shelter!